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Diversified decisions, consistent commentary

Out of CAMRADATA’s 300 Pension Fund clients, 40 schemes totalling £150 billion have been working closely with our team since the beginning of Q2.

China – where is the giant headed?

The recent collapse of China’s A-share market has led to concerns about potential negative contagion in the real economy.

Are emerging market indices just a load of hot air?

A handful of countries seem to dominate certain emerging market indices, which pushes the smaller countries out. Should we re-evaluate our view on these?

CAMRADATA Insurance Conference 2015: Thinking outside the box

Insurers have had a continuous struggle with record low interest rates, and while some have achieved better fixed income returns than expected over the years, many are now evaluating alternative asset classes in the further hunt for yield. CAMRADATA invited five industry figures to share their views on how insurers can make returns on investments.

‘Filter out the short-term noises' in emerging markets

Emerging market equity is a stand-out asset class in itself – a region presently defined as an emerging market now could become a developed market in the future, so nothing stays the same. How should you approach emerging markets?

Redefining the world of defined contribution

Just three months after major government reforms were implemented in the defined contribution pensions market, what's happened so far?
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