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A brief look into the taper tantrum

The Federal Reserve is cautious, and there are industry-wide fears that another taper tantrum on the horizon. What is it, and how did it happen?

CAMRADATA IQ analysis highlights the importance of a good manager

How did asset class universes perform within the CAMRADATA database? 

Market commentary: when will the Fed make a decision?

The US dollar has weakened against the euro since April, so is the dollar going to be strong for the remainder of the year as the Fed inches towards its first rate hike in six years?

Global Diversified Growth tops CAMRADATA asset class leaderboard

Global Diversified Growth is the most searched asset class in CAMRADATA Live as investors look to spread their eggs across multi-asset.

Insurers hold key to financing real economy

Industry trade body Insurance Europe has warned that development and compliance within EU framework must not be used as an excuse to delay the current "inappropriate" treatment of securitisations.

Opening the door to Chinese bonds

The door to the Chinese bond market has been flung wide open for foreign investors, but barriers remain. Why should investors be looking within this investment space?
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