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DC View: Avoiding lemons and building dashboards?

There is much talk right now about a pensions ‘dashboard’. As a means  to greater personal engagement with saving, it is argued, an open source virtual aggregator of individual pension wealth is surely a good thing. I don’t disagree. And yet…

Multi sector fixed income: An answer for a world of volatility

While risk assets appear to have reached a bottom earlier this year and  have performed well since mid-February, there are still a number of factors contributing to market volatility.

Consider the investment case of Asian bonds

Fullerton Fund Management examines the opportunities and potential of the Asian fixed income market.

Asia ex Japan: Investing at Barings

A conversation with HyungJin Lee, Head of Asian Equities at Barings.

Creative destruction and the end of carbon economy?

Joseph Schumpeter, the Austrian Finance Minister and Harvard professor  coined the term ‘creative destruction’ in the 1940s to describe a process of industrial mutation that “incessantly revolutionises the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating the new one1.”

Time for pension schemes to spread their wings

For pension schemes with long-dated liabilities, sacrificing some liquidity in  exchange for the additional yields that assets such as real estate debt and infrastructure offer over conventional credit can be a wise move.

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