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iFunds Investment outlook

It’s always interesting when we are asked to provide a view on where we see the economy and investment markets developing over the next six to twelve months given that all of our investment decisions are based solely on what market prices and their trends are telling us i.e market momentum.

Brexit shows why macro calls don't work

After many years of a largely benign investment environment, heightened volatility has re-emerged in markets over the past 12 months.

Hiding in plain sight: The untapped potential of Emerging Markets Small Caps

Investors have long debated the degree to which the applied skill of active portfolio managers can improve investment returns and generate enough alpha to justify active management fees.

The new world of risk premia - has market beta lost its shine?

The traditional beta dilemma: In recent years, investors have been able to achieve attractive returns just by holding a balanced portfolio providing access to traditional sources of market beta – equities and government bonds. But things look set to become more challenging.

Aiming for growth when trends are changing

Contrary to the expectations of many at the start of the year, government bond yields of major developed markets are continuing to fall.

Digital Disruption creates opportunities for investors

Several technological forces are disrupting industries. This creates both opportunities and threats for companies.

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