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CAMRADATA announces Global Equity tops the asset class searches for investors in June 2017

The latest monthly snapshot of the top investment searches carried out within the CAMRADATA Live database has just been released.

Vontobel Asset Management: Global Exposure - Focus on Companies, Not Countries

Quality Growth Manager Perspectives 

PGIM: The Return of Absolute Return Fixed Income

This discusses different types of absolute return fixed income portfolios and how a welldiversified,duration-constrained portfolio can take advantage of alpha-generating opportunities while avoiding systematic exposure to rising interest rates.

TCW Trading Secrets: The Fed’s Quixotic Journey

The global financial crisis is so nine years ago, and still the central banks can’t seem to find a way to "normalize" policy. Measures that had been introduced as emergency responses have morphed into permanent fixtures without which, we are told, growth would become impossible.

RLAM: Pros and cons for markets of a weak and unstable UK government

In one of the biggest electoral shocks since the 1970s, Theresa May’s Conservative party has emerged as the largest party in the next parliament but has lost its majority after an unexpectedly strong showing by the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn.

CAMRADATA Investment Research report: impressive performance in the major equity markets in Q1 2017

CAMRADATA has published its investment research report for Q1 2017, charting the performance of investments and asset managers across six asset classes.
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