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Crossing borders - do countries still matter in Emerging Markets?

In March, CAMRADATA brought together asset managers, multi-managers and investment consultants to debate whether countries still matter in Emerging Markets (EM).

Emerging Market Bonds - Is now the time to buy?

Emerging Market Debt has been a success story of the last decade. After the crises of the late 1990s, investors have enjoyed great returns and the sector great growth.

Does having ESG integrated in the investment process provide a competitive advantage?

CAMRADATA gathered a group investment consultants, asset owners and managers in London to discuss ESG matters.

Smart Beta: Key Investment Issues

Smart beta, alternative beta, engineered, systematic, and even semi-active. These buzzwords lie between traditional passive and active management.

Key Investment Issues - Facing the Insurance Industry

By tradition, general insurers have not used derivatives for investment purposes. In 2010 fewer than 100 – just over 3% - of US-based Property & Casualty insurers held synthetics within their portfolios.

Europe’s Exit From Recession: Fact or Fallacy?

CAMRADATA gathered together investment consultants and European equity portfolio managers to discuss opportunities in Europe for institutional and high net-worth investors. 
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